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Oakland Smart Commute

Any way you spin it, Oakland Smart Commute makes sense

A carpool is two or more people sharing a commute in a privately owned vehicle.



Visit the CommuteInfo Carpool page to learn more about the benefits of carpooling and to be matched appropriately with a carpool in the Oakland area.


Do you work in Oakland and interested in joining or starting a carpool? Visit the CommuteInfo website and complete the short Send you your Commute Options form to be matched with the best options.

Brought to you by
Oakland Transportation Management Association
In partnership with
Oakland Business Improvement District CommuteInfo


About Oakland Smart Commute

Oakland's Smart Commute is a new initiative brought to you by the Oakland Transportation Management Association in partnership with the Oakland Business Improvement District and Commute Info.


The program encourages small business owners in Oakland to promote the use of alternative commuting to their employees for commuting to work. By joining Oakland Smart Commute, small business owners can show their employees that they support smart money-saving commuting options that benefit both the employee, the business and reduce traffic congestion.

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