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Oakland Smart Commute

Any way you spin it, Oakland Smart Commute makes sense

Oakland is the region's premier medical, educational and cultural center.

It is also a vibrant city neighborhood and commercial district. This diverse concentration of urban life makes Oakland the second largest concentration of daytime population in the region. Traffic congestion is a challenge. Every alternative commuting effort counts and will aid in reducing traffic congestion, helping to improve air quality and can help save money for the daily commuter.


Multimodal Resource Map

This multimodal trip planning resource from Oakland Transportation Management Association is designed to help commuters Know Before You Go when traveling to and from Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood – through which more than 100,000 pedestrians and 75,000 vehicles travel every day. Use the map to identify the location and get directions to public parking lots and garages (with hours of operation and estimated rates), transit stops, micromobility hubs, bike share stations, bicycle storage racks, and other multimodal transportation resources.

Oakland Smart Commute - Transit


Riding the bus, the incline or the “T” is an economical and flexible commuting alternative to driving alone.

Oakland Smart Commute - Bikepooling


A bikepool is a group of two or more bicycle commuters who agree to bike to work or school together.


Oakland Smart Commute - Vanpooling


A vanpool is a group of 7 to 15 people who share a commute in a leased commuter van.



Oakland Smart Commute - Other Options


Walking is known as the most inexpensive and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Oakland Smart Commute - Carpooling


A carpool is two or more people sharing a commute in a privately owned vehicle.

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Oakland Transportation Management Association
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About Oakland Smart Commute

Oakland's Smart Commute is a new initiative brought to you by the Oakland Transportation Management Association in partnership with the Oakland Business Improvement District and Commute Info.


The program encourages small business owners in Oakland to promote the use of alternative commuting to their employees for commuting to work. By joining Oakland Smart Commute, small business owners can show their employees that they support smart money-saving commuting options that benefit both the employee, the business and reduce traffic congestion.

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