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Oakland Smart Commute

Any way you spin it, Oakland Smart Commute makes sense

Oakland SmartCommute for Small Businesses/Employers

Increased use of Commute Options by your employees could benefit your company by:

• Alleviating parking shortages

• Boosting employee recruitment

• Strengthening employee morale and retention

• Helping the company "go green"

• Saving your company some money


Employer Savings: What if you could add a benefit for your employees and save the company money at the same time?

Ever hear of Commuter Choice? As defined by the Federal Transit Administration: Commuter Choice is a provision of the Internal Revenue Code [(26 USC 132(f)] that permits an employer to pay for an employee's cost of commuting to work, in other than a single occupancy vehicle.


Commuter Choice currently allows employers to offer their employees a tax free fringe benefit of up to $245 per month if they ride transit or a vanpool to get to work. The program is designed to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and conserve energy by encouraging employees to commute by means other than single occupancy motor vehicles.


Like you, most employers today are faced with the spiraling costs of doing business, and yet still want to provide incentives to keep valued employees. Commuter Choice could be a way to save the company some money and reward your employees at the same time.


Calculate the benefits for your company!

The Best Workplaces for CommutersSM provides two resources to help you calculate your company's savings:


A spreadsheet to estimate savings that can be realized by offering Commuter Choice benefits. The spreadsheet called "Download Spreadsheet to Estimate Employee Savings of Pre-tax vs. Post-tax Payment of Commuter Benefits" can be located under "More Resources" on the Best Workplaces for Commuters website.


A web-based calculator to estimate the financial, environmental, traffic-related, and other benefits of commuting benefits



Brought to you by
Oakland Transportation Management Association
In partnership with
Oakland Business Improvement District CommuteInfo


About Oakland Smart Commute

Oakland's Smart Commute is a new initiative brought to you by the Oakland Transportation Management Association in partnership with the Oakland Business Improvement District and Commute Info.


The program encourages small business owners in Oakland to promote the use of alternative commuting to their employees for commuting to work. By joining Oakland Smart Commute, small business owners can show their employees that they support smart money-saving commuting options that benefit both the employee, the business and reduce traffic congestion.

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