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Any way you spin it, Oakland Smart Commute makes sense

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In 2016, commuters across the nation rejoiced when permanent parity between the transit benefit and parking benefit was realized. Unfortunately, this work isn’t done. Congress is now working on a monumental change to the tax code and in that process, is considering eliminating many tax provisions like the transit benefit (which includes public transit, parking and biking). Early indications are that the proposed package may revoke the section of the tax code that allows for pre-tax transit benefits altogether.

Link to May Webinar 

We are asking you to do three things to help protect the Commuter Benefit:

1. Help ACT Get Employers to Sign Support Letter

ACT and others are organizing an employer letter. We need your help. Please reach out to major employers you work with, have contacts or can reach out to. We are looking for large employers with regional or national footprints. The link to the draft letter can be found here.

What you can do to help: 

·         Reach out to employers, share the letter, and have them contact (

·         Send any employer contacts you can to so that we may reach out to them  

·         Include this notice to any and all communications you have with employers or those who work with employers


2. Sign the Petition 

ACT, along with other members of the Commuter Benefits Work for Us coalition have started a grassroots campaign. We need your signature, the signature of your members, the signature of your employees, and anyone else. Click Here for a link to the campaignAlso, if you want to add a widget to your website, contact for the information. 

3. Spread the Word

Please pass this alert, the employer letter, and link to the grassroots on to anyone and everyone you can, please include it in newsletters, internal/external communications, and anyway you see fit. If you would like to find additional ways to help, please contact

Help Preserve the Commuter Tax Benefit
Brought to you by
Oakland Transportation Management Association
In partnership with
Oakland Business Improvement District CommuteInfo


About Oakland Smart Commute

Oakland's Smart Commute is a new initiative brought to you by the Oakland Transportation Management Association in partnership with the Oakland Business Improvement District and Commute Info.


The program encourages small business owners in Oakland to promote the use of alternative commuting to their employees for commuting to work. By joining Oakland Smart Commute, small business owners can show their employees that they support smart money-saving commuting options that benefit both the employee, the business and reduce traffic congestion.

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